2012 Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast

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Best of Class - 2014 Sonoma County Harvest Fair

Silver Medal - 2014 San Francisco Chronicle Competition

Silver Medal – 2013 Indy International Wine Competition

Praxis is derived from the Greek word for practice as a doctor or lawyer would practice.  In our Praxis wines, Bill can hone his craft of wine making. Since launching the label, we have also found that it is a moon of the Klingon home planet on Star Trek and a verb for domination in an on-line vampire game.

We have been making Pinot Noir in the Praxis line for over a decade with grapes from Monterey.  In 2012, we had an incredible opportunity to obtain Sonoma Coast fruit.  Bill was intrigued and thrilled to bring all of our wine projects closer to home.  The vineyard is West of Sonoma at the border of the Carneros appellation where the cool climatic conditions of San Pablo Bay influence growth and ripening.

The color is ruby red with garnet highlights.  Raspberry, cherry and mushroomy earth notes fill the glass along with violet, vanilla and geranium floral scents.  Flavors of cranberries, raspberries, red currants and plums are complemented by a hint of allspice.  The wine is soft, balanced and alluring with bright acidity and rich velvety mouthfeel.

Production Notes

Varietal Composition
100% Pinot Noir
Sonoma Coast
Brix at harvest
% Malolactic
TA (g/100ml)
Residual Sugar (g/100 ml)
Bill Arbios
985 cases