The single most important factor in winemaking is the vineyard. The confluence of all the variables affecting the grape vines ultimately determines the quality of the wine. You simply cannot make great wine from mediocre grapes.

Bill Arbios

The Arbios Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon hails from one of the highest and northernmost vineyards in Sonoma County’s Alexander Valley. The elevation of the vineyard is about 2000 feet and the soil is essentially broken rock. Bill practices farming techniques for the long term - using sustainable practices such as a permanent cover crop, leaving vine clippings in the vineyard for their nutrients and encouraging biodiversity with wild flowers and bees.

In any given day there will be an 8-degree temperature difference between the valley floor and our vineyard, allowing the grapes to mature at a slower, more even rate resulting in darkly colored, highly flavored fruit which acheives physiological maturity at a lower sugar level. In direct contrast to the intense heat in the valley, the days’ cooler temperatures here lead to a wine that has lower alcohol and more of the preferred fruit flavors without excessive jammy characteristics.

Although Arbios Cellars produces 100 percent Cabernet Sauvignon, there is a subtle element of blending that is a result of the varied microclimates within the vineyard and the six Cabernet clones that Bill chose. The clones were chosen for their low yield and small berry size ripening in relationship to the varied exposures and soil types of the vineyard. Our yield is a mere 2 tons to the acre - about half to a third that of vineyards on the valley floor.